Isländer Robust-Müsli
Marstall Isländer Robust-Müsli  20 kg
Marstall Isländer Robust-Müsli 20 kg
Isländer Robust-Müsli 20 kg van Marstall EAN 4250006303216

Isländer Robust-Müsli

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20 kg
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Marstall Isländer Robust-Müsli

Marstall Isländer Robust-Müsli – especially compiled for horses kept in robust environments, guaranteeing a healthy, nutritional care. That icelandic horses are robust and easy to care for, and that paddock grazing is the ideal way to manage this breed, is incorrect in terms of health and fitness.

It is difficult to feed just on hay and grassland because it is nowadays unknown the quantity and quality of nutrition taken from the grass. One-sided hay and pasture grazing can result in health problems, when practiced over long periods. For instance a dull coat and a long duration of change of coat, itching, mallenders, brittle hooves and poor performance can occur.

Weight gain and lack of energy is also typical by such "coventional" feeding. Icelandics and robust breeds need daily saturating rations, containing all the essential, valuable balanced ingredients needed.

Ruwe vezel 10.1%
Ruwe proteïne 9.5%
Ruweas 7.5%
Ruw vet 3.3%
Calcium 0.9%
Fosfor 0.45%
Natrium 0.3%
Magnesium 0.3%

Isländer Robust-Müsli as an additional supplement to a forage diet. (1.2–1.5 kg hay per 100 kg bodyweight and day):

Icelandic-/small horse/pony approx. 0.8–1.2 kg/day
Warm blooded horse approx. 1.5–2.5 kg/day

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