Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping
Vitakraft Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping 85 g

Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping

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Poésie + Chicken in Egg Wrapping Vitakraft 4008239313256

Vitakraft Poésie + Chicken in Egg Wrapping

Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping Vitakraft 4008239313225

Vitakraft Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping

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85 g
2. Gewicht:
85 g
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Vitakraft Poésie + Plaice in Egg Wraping

A perfectly packaged delight: tender pieces of plaice, wrapped in delicious egg.

One moment affectionate and cuddly, the next withdrawn or stubborn – cats are strong-willed and full of character. That’s why we love them so much! But the choice of the right wet food is definitely a matter of teamwork. And the solution is quickly found: Poésie.
A balanced diet is one of the most important factors for a cat to lead a healthy life. Poésie not only perfectly meets the needs of adult cats, the delicious varieties also indulge your kitty with irresistibly good taste. A poem for every cat! Your cat will sense that you’ve chosen the very best for it - bite by bite.

Poésie – just the right portion of love and affection, every day. For a loving relationship that lasts a cat’s lifetime.

Meat and animal by-products (60% of beef, pork, poultry), fish and fish products (5% plaice), eggs and egg products (4%), Minerals, vegetables, inulin.

Additives/kg: Vitamine D3 250 I.E., 15 mg E1 Iron, 1 mg E4 Copper, 1 mg E5 Manganese, 18 mg Zinc, 445 mg Taurine.

Vochtigheid 83%
Ruwe proteïne 10%
Ruw vet 5%
Ruweas 2%
Ruwe vezel 0.3%

Cat in 4 kg weight requires approximately 2-3 bowls per day, depending on the age and breed of cat.

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