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Fogger Vermin Fogger
ARDAP Fogger Vermin Fogger 200 ml

Fogger Vermin Fogger

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Fogger Vermin Fogger

2x100 ml

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Fogger Vermin Fogger

200 ml

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ARDAP Fogger Vermin Fogger

Available in 200 ml packing and 2 x 100 ml double pack

The ARDAP Fogger works reliably against all types of flies and dipterans, and against other insects such as fleas, ticks, mites, lice, cockroaches, moths, spiders, etc. For use in dovecots, pigeon roosts, bird enclosures, animal enclosures, around the home and in commercial operations, and in agriculture, etc.

The Ardap Fogger has permethrin and pyriproxifenas active agents plus piperonylbutoxide as a synergist. Permethrin quickly and reliably kills vermin, while pyriproxyfen (a growth inhibitor) interrupts the biological life cycle. In this way all the stages of the life cycle are effectively combated for more than 6 months.

  • Enough for space up to 30 m².
  • Effective control up to 6 months -  combats vermin and flea, as well as their eggs, larvae and pupae.
  • One push of a button and problems are away.
  • For use in animal husbandry
  • Double pack (2 Fogger with 100ml each)

The Ardap Fogger is placed in the center and upright of area on a raised, newspaper-covered area (e.g., table or chair). The spray button is pressed down until it clicks. Leave room for 2 hours and close door (s). Then ventilate for at least one hour.
The content of the Ardap Foggers empties within a few minutes and is sufficient for up to 30m².
A removal of unwanted middle coverings on surfaces is possible by washing with aqueous all-purpose cleaners.

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