Holistic Mini
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Holistic Mini

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Holistic Mini

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Holistic Mini

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Holistic Mini

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Vollmers Holistic Mini

Vollmer Holistic Mini for all puppies from the 3rd week!

For small breeds up to 10 kg, after the puppy and junior time be fed for life (from 12 months) Vollmer Holistic Mini. For large breed puppies from 3 months it should be changed to Vollmer's Holistic and can be fed with it for the rest of the life.

Even the wolf fed not only by the hunted prey, but instinctively supplement its food with plants, berries, fruit, tubers, grasses, herbs, vegetables, etc. Such ingredients you will find in Vollmer's Holistic Mini.

There are ingredients that promote the well-being of your dog and stabilize the health condition. Therefore, each component with its unique features has an influence on the health of your dog.

  • Beet pulp, carrot pulp, chicory, carob, alfalfa, apples and yeasts contain different and selected fiber sources and each one have their different effects. They favor the digestibility provide the effective nutrient utilization (fewer and firmer feces) and a healthier intestinal flora. These fiber sources contain probiotics, FOS and MOS improving the fermentable fibers.
  • Salmon oil and L-carnitine which are extremely important, especially there must be continuous supply of the dog with omega 3 fatty acids. Other important components are the EPA and DHA fatty acids found only in salmon oil. They improve the fur and coat, increase the immune system and prevent allergic diseases, reproductive disorders and heart disease. They also serve for the strengthening of the bones.
  • Herbs with their essential oils, as well as spices and seaweed support the health. Anise, fennel, garlic, thyme, cinnamon and basil aid digestion, reduce inflammation and are used for relaxing the intestinal muscles. Brown and sea algae contain the specific ingredient NSP, which can be found only in seaweed. They support all diseases defensive immune system and are anti-inflammatory.
  • Mussel extract, gelatin, diatomite, salmon oil, devil's claw and yucca contain specific ingredients that slow the aging of the joints, tendons, cartilage, etc. and enhance bone strength.
  • A fountain of nature!

Goji berries with their miraculous effect. Scientists have confirmed that goji berries contains the highest content of health-promoting nutrients. The same positive effect on the organism is achieved by no other plant.

Poultrymeat sep. (Min. 21.5%) (chicken, turkey, duck, chicken), potato flakes (min. 19%), rice (min. 14%), greaves, poultry fat, vegetables (carrot pomace, chicory, alfalfa, peas ), barley, lamb meal, beet pulp, carob flour, yeast, fish meal, Diatomite, poultry liver hydrolysed, apple pomace, chicken liver sep., Linseed, sodium chloride, salmon oil (min. 0.5%), whole egg (min. 0.5%), seaweed meal, gelatin, herbs and spices (min. 0.05%) (garlic, fennel, basil, cinnamon, essential oils of thyme and anise), goji (min. 0.02%), Yucca schidigera, L-carnitine, mussel extract

Ruwe proteïne 28%
Ruw vet 14%
Ruweas 8.5%
Calcium 1.5%
Fosfor 0.9%

Can be give as a dry food or poured by water.

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