Dry cooling Mat
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Dry cooling Mat

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Dry cooling Mat cani.cool 4260488102061

cani.cool Dry cooling Mat

Dry cooling Mat cani.cool 4260488102078

cani.cool Dry cooling Mat

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cani.cool Dry cooling Mat

Dogs feel most comfortable when the outside temperature is below 20°C/70°F. We humans can sweat, but the dog wears its warming coat in summer as well as in winter. The nose as the most important cooling organ of the dog offers too little cooling to our four-legged friends in the summer days. The result is heat stress of the body and the dog pants up to 300x per minute! The heart rate and thus the physical strain increases. Especially older or short-nosed dogs suffer massively from warm temperatures.

The cooling capacity of this cooling mat perfectly meets the needs for relaxation in a cooling environment. In cooperation with veterinarians, the mat was adapted to the needs of the dog and transforms his dog bed into a cooling oasis. Also older dogs, which already have age-related changes of the cardiopulmonary circulation, can be supported in the warm months by the cooling mat in the best way.

In cars, dog boxes are very often used to secure the dog. Unfortunately, some of these keep the cooling of the car's air conditioning away from the dog for the most part. Here too, the cooling mat has proved its worth, as the dry air in the air conditioning system maximises the cooling performance of the mats. Another advantage of the cani.cool cooling mat is that it stays 100% dry, especially in the car.

No cooling technology or additional gels or chemicals are required.

  • Size: M, L
  • Colour: light grey
  • Form: rectangular

Size Measurements
M 50x70 cm
L 70x90 cm

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